Why do a couple's photo session?

Not only are they a great way to commemorate this next chapter in your life, but they're also fantastic practice before your wedding to feel comfortable in front of a camera. We can find our favorite poses, get to know each other better, and who doesn't love an excuse to get all fancy anyway. 

You can even add on a fun engagement video! It's the perfect way to show off how awesome you two are together!


Do we choose a location, or do you?

This can go either way! If you have a place that is special to the two of you, we can certainly go there! If you're open to suggestions, I can help choose a place based on the vibe you are looking for.

What do we wear?

For outfits, I would go with some relatively neutral colors, for example I wouldn't recommend any neon colors. You are welcome to bring a couple of outfits if you are unsure, and adding some layers like jackets or hats help us to get some different looks. The most important part is wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in!

Can we bring our dog?

Absolutely! Fur babies are more than welcome, I'm a huge animal lover! It's also helpful if you have a friend or family member than can tag along to the session in case we need an extra hand with the pup (or cat, or ferret, or lizard... you get the idea)