Meet The Team

photographer/ videographer/ professional borat impersonator

Hi! I'm Anna Ivanova

Born in Bulgaria, raised in Boston. Wednesday Addams on the ouside, Enid Sinclair on the inside. When it comes to wedding photography, I love to bring the vibrancy, colors, and excitement of your special day to life. I'm the perfect match for laid back couples that are looking for photography that really stands out and will never blend in! We'll share laughs, maybe a happy cry, but definitely some dancing at the end of the night! Did we just become best friends?

photographer/ videographer/ audio guy

Heyo! This is Sean Reid

Born and raised in Stoughton, photographer by day, musician at night. Attended Berklee School of Music. Degree in Audio Engineering so he can perfectly capture the sweet sweet sounds of your vows. The perfect choice if you're looking for tattooed viking vibes. Coming in at 6ft3, you can find him across the room, no worries about misplacing your photographer!

Why Choose Us?

We're a real life husband & wife team, together since 2012. We've gotten married 3 times to each other, so we know what love is all about! We're best friends, and we work together perfectly. Being besties is super useful, we can practically read each others' minds, which comes in really handy when it comes to documenting your wedding! We're both full time artists, we love adventures, and we love to have a good time of course! When it comes to your wedding, we know what to look for! trust us, we've been there... 3 times! We're here to guide you in picture perfect moments, without being in your way. Our goal is to capture your wedding day authentically, from the quiet moments and the tears, the laughs and the cheers, all the way to the booty shaking, break dancing, and crowd surfing!

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